Full Policies 

* I accept payment through PayPal and Venmo.

* For projects under $150 I require payment in full up front. For larger projects or continued work, we can work out an agreement with payment in portions at various milestones.

* I don't provide refunds, though if I'm suddenly not able to complete the commission due to a problem on my end, I'll cancel the order and completely return your payment at my discretion.

* If my art is used in a game that you're creating, please credit me!

* Commissions that are provided at a flat fee include one round of revisions, so we can get the piece exactly how you want it!

* If you have a specific deadline that requires me to work faster than usual, I will generally charge an additional rush fee.

* Please feel free to use the commission for personal use on social media as pfp/banners/etc., as long as you don't claim that you made the work!

* Any commercial use of the artwork you receive must be agreed on by us at the pricing stage. If we haven't agreed to it first, you may not use or reproduce my commission piece for commercial purposes. Commercial use is any reproduction or purpose that is marketed, promoted, or sold and incorporates a financial transaction. 

* Under no conditions can you resell my raw artwork files for other people to use, including in asset packs or other contexts.

* If you would like to purchase the commercial rights to a piece after the fact, then I am willing to come to an agreement with you for an additional commercial use fee.

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